5 Free Backgrounds For Your Next Design Project

Amruta Mohod
4 min readDec 9, 2021


Gone are the days when one would have to toil hard to create exciting website designs, coding them from scratch. Instead, today you can simply use readily available templates and backgrounds to produce stunning websites in a flash.

However, cost often proves to be a deterrent, especially for those just starting out with limited budgets.

In case you find yourself in such a scenario, fret not since herein we share five free backgrounds that you can readily use in your next design project. One of the best things about this complete set of five incredible free design backgrounds is that you can use them in a variety of settings; in no way are you limited to websites only.

Whether it is emails, newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, or just about any other creative project, there are endless ways in which you could put these backgrounds to use.

Gold Glitter Background

The sense of royalty attached to the gold color is incomparable. You can use it in a variety of situations to give your design a unique touch and flavor like no other. Every time you do so, the emotions that are sparked include elegance, exclusivity, illumination, and positivity.

A remarkable facet of this unique gold glitter backgrounds collection is the ease with which it can effortlessly be used in a plethora of design projects. No matter what niche your project may be in, these backgrounds fit in perfectly.

Rose Gold Background

A color that has struck a chord in recent times with millions out there is rose gold. Yes, the availability of iPhones in rose gold has especially fueled a preference for this color. This background is particularly well suited for any thematic design where the objective is to evoke emotions of love and romance.

rose gold background — dealfuel.com

We especially like the wide variety of designs that are available in this rose gold background collection. Moreover, the very fact that there are patterned and textured backgrounds available further enhances the options at hand.

Black Gold Background

The color gold has a royal touch and feels to it as it is. When the black color is added to the mix, the end result invariably proves irresistible! Many designers have combined these two enigmatic colors to produce timeless designs that end up charming everyone.

black gold background — dealfuel.com

There are simply endless possibilities that you can think of, using this captivating set of black gold backgrounds. Some examples include phone covers, postcards, T-shirt designs, product packaging, greeting cards, and labels. Conveniently offered in JPEG format with a 300 DPI resolution and dimensions of 4000 by 3000 pixels, this set of black gold backgrounds is particularly easy to use.

Pink Glitter Background

Just the color pink on its own evokes a wide range of positive emotions. Now imagine adding a hint of glitter to it. Of course, the end result simply shines through! That is exactly what this complete set of pink glitter free backgrounds is all about.

pink glitter background — dealfuel.com

Whether it is T-shirts, photo frames, or gift wrapping, there are endless possibilities to the ways in which you could put this pink glitter background collection to use. Available in JPEG format in 300 DPI resolution and 4000 by 3000 pixels size, you’re only limited by your imagination as far as using this irresistible background collection goes.

Spring Background & Watercolor Collection

When you think of the spring season, it evokes visuals of freshness and nature coming to life. These are the very sentiments that are reflected poignantly in this vivacious collection of spring backgrounds and watercolors.

This spring background and the watercolor collection comprise more than twenty unique images. Whether it is flowers or spring scenery in general, you will find yourself completely spoilt for choice. Bringing freshness into your designs never seemed so easy!


Backgrounds are a terrific way to infuse life into your designs. However, creating them from scratch is a painstaking process. Further, most readymade background designs end up costing a pretty penny.

Against that backdrop, to have such an enigmatic collection of diverse backgrounds that can not only be used for website designing but for all other design-centric projects is nothing short of a blessing.

And to top it all, these are all free backgrounds that do not cost a dime.

So, go ahead and make the most of these fascinating backgrounds for crafting memorable, timeless designs.



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